October 8, 2014

Encountering the Muse - part one

Since last April, I have been on a journey.  A wonderful journey that has gifted me with such enfolding, that I could never have imagined at the beginning...

Since April 2013, I have been a student at the Color of Woman school, founded by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, an accomplished artist, visionary leader and women's activist, and a woman I love and admire.  This was a dream that I had carried in my heart for quite a while.  I knew it was only a matter of time.  I had already answered the call in my heart.  And finally came the day....  my heart was singing: yes!!!

Thus began my journey to become an Intuitive Painting teacher and a Intentional Creativity coach in the Color of Woman method.  A journey filled with so many claiming, healing, releasing, transforming... I had known for a long time that painting and the arts were powerful tools, but this method developed by Shiloh is truly revolutionary. 

Not only have I learned tools, processes and techniques to truly bring forward transformations and healing, claiming and unfolding, both in myself and others, but all of us receive such amazing support into becoming teachers and leaders.

I would like to share with you here some of the pictures of bringing forth the Muse, my second painting using the Color of Woman method - and my second lifelong painting of a woman on canvas. I hope that this will give you a feel of the process, which involves visualization, intention, journaling, sketching, painting and writing connected with the painting as messages for the painting to ourselves:

My intention for this journey:

Creating a portal for Her to come throught:

Painting her features:

 This is a close-up picture of Her face, completed:

But before She manifested in this fullness, I hit a major block.. a stalling...  a resistance... I no longer knew what her colors were...  when I painted her one morning, this is what appeared:

Something within me needed to be tended to, explored, transformed and claimed...  I needed to dig deep inside.

I will share with you in the next blogpost the unfolding of what came throught for me.

How about you... what is your experience when you create?  Do you ever encounter roadblocks? How do you view and approach them?

With a full heart,



  1. What a lovely muse, Isabelles!
    Thank you for saying "yes" to the Color of Woman journey, and sharing this glimpse into the process! I'm enrolled in this year's course, it is indeed a quest!

    1. Oh Dia, what a beautiful gift you are giving yourself! The Color of Woman teacher training is without a doubt one of the most powerful, transformative, life-changing and empowering journey I have ever taken. Sending you so much blessings on your journey!