August 20, 2015

Bringing the sacred into our every day life

We are on vacation this week.  At a lovely little chalet in a delightful town in Quebec's Eastern townships surrounded by mountains, open spaces and people who have such kindness.

There is no schedule.  No appointment.  No "to do list". 

But there is a wish list, a Soul List, one I carried in my heart and my art pouch before I left:
  • Reconnect with my yoga practice
  • Spend time with my little girls creating and playing together
  • Make a sacred altar at my bedside table 
  • Journal with the SoulCollage card I pick every morning
  • Be present
  • Find the sacred in the everyday
This week, on a beautiful morning, on one of these days where a soft gentle breeze caresses the skin like wings of an angel and the sun shines so brightly that it feels like the green of the grass and leaves are lit from within, the girls (4 and 7) and I sat outside in the garden.

We brought out acrylic paint, water, paintbrushes and feathers.  One after the other, we chose feathers, particular feathers that we felt a pull toward.  And then, we asked our heart and the feather: which colour does this feather want? What do I feel an inner pull toward?  My 7 year old daughter really connected with this practice - at one point, she mentioned that the feather wanted orange and red.  We applied gentle layers of paint, with symbols, dots, lines...  

It was a beautiful practice - one of painting, of connecting with a natural element, of observing it and asking our heart- what wants to happen?

Once they were dried, some of the feathers graced the sacred altar at my bedside.  Reminding me that creating beauty and finding the sacred into our every day life is about becoming aware of our surroundings, being present with what is unfolding, developing a connection with nature, listening to the whispers within.

And this, for me, is part of the Magic and Sacredness of Life...

Namaste and Love,



  1. What a lovely way to connect with nature and the place you're visiting!
    My granddarlings would LOVE doing this!

    1. Dear Dia,
      Thank you! It was truly a beautiful way to connect on so many levels. If you feel like sharing, I would love to see what you and your granddarlings (love this word!) created!
      Much love,